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Improve your web design with this key tip

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

In this article you will learn how to how to implement strategic web design for your business using surveys.

a survey for web design

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Contents of this article


how to write them and what questions to ask



A Lot of the time we can get drawn into creating a website that we think is awesome, only to be let down from poor site performance or even bad feedback from customers.

One sure way to increase engagement, satisfaction and conversions is to start with your target user, then design all features based on their needs.

How do we find out what our customers/users need?


This is a simple & effective way to collect and find key requirements. This can be posted on social media, created in google forms and posted on forums or even given in person to a group of target customers.

What questions do we ask in these surveys?

If we run an online company selling dog treats we aren't going to ask our customers where they go on holidays. The key is to create clear, specific and short surveys without bias.


You’ve started up a dog treat business selling treats online through your website.

target question: “ what is the influences you the most when purchasing dog treats?”

A - price

B - organic ingredients

C - reviews

D - sustainably made

let's say 70% of your customers were most concerned with organic ingredients,

Now you have this data you can tailor visuals, content & provide certifications to promote these aspects of your product.

This creates a closer relationship with what your customers want & what you offer. Which at the end of the day is the whole purpose of your website.

Depending on your product & industry you can get creative as you want with your surveys, however, it is important to follow these guidelines for the most effective surveys.


Keep it short & sweet

Everyone is busy and users/customers are taking time out of their day to complete a survey for your benefit - make your questions mostly multiple choice or keep your short answer questions to around 1-2 this reduces effort and possibility of participants leaving questions unanswered.

Keep it short, for small business the optimal amount of questions is 10-15 questions. This amount of questions will keep the user engaged but also give you enough room to gather some rich actionable data.

Sample size & target customers

Sample size: Surveying 5 people may result in making design decisions based on a small fraction of the Potential customers and only give half the story. Aim for a minimum of 30 for small business and upwards of 100 for medium to large organizations

Target customers: Screening for target customers is important to get specific data that can be used. Your niche or product will have a large impact on the decisions you make and who you give your survey’s to. For example creating a survey for your dog treats company you might target a certain age demographic (20-50 age) this demographic tend to purchase more premium dogs products online, furthermore you could target people already active in dog communities as they have a vested interest in dogs.

Think about who your customers are and what they do, you should be able to create a short criteria that fits into your niche or product to ensure you gather relevant information.

a survey for a hair product company
A survey made into a poll for instagram


Instagram/facebook surveys: If you already have a decent following on social media, instagram is a perfect way to gather some actionable data. Instagram or facebook serves as a screener in itself as followers already engage with your brand & are interested in your niche. just think of questions related to your product and post them on your story!

Survey monkey: This is a great tool to refine your survey writing skills as survey monkey provides learning modules and topics to develop your business surveys. It also has guides for analysis of results. Paid subscriptions could be expensive for new businesses but there are free trial options.

Google forms: very cost effective and easy to use, you just need to create a google account and you are ready to create surveys. Google surveys also provide a statistical breakdown of responses and can be easily linked to facebook groups or forums.

data from a web design survey
Example of survey results on google forms

Final thought: The key to effective surveys is asking the right people the right questions, this will take some upfront work and reflection on what problem your product or services are trying to solve and for whom. The reason surveys are so effective is it gives insight into the actions and motivations of customers, leading to a closer alignment with them and your service. If implemented with a bit of thought, surveys can be a cost effective way to improve the structure, content & overall performance of your website.

You want to hire an expert or simply don’t have the time to create surveys check out Hunchodesigns for web designs solutions. Huncho is a website design agency based in the Newcastle area.

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