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The Girls Refuge

The  Girls Refuge  is a Sydney based organisation  dedicated to the housing & support of young women in crisis.

landing page for local business in sydney NSW

the project

The existing website served as intermediary between clients and caseworkers, the website was difficult to navigate and needed to be optimised for clients to efficiently find key information.


The project was completed over a six week sprint.  

- Figma 

- Miro 

- zoom



Foundational research 


customer journey maps 

Lo-fi wireframes 

Hi-fi prototype 



  • Analyse the current website and optimise design/layout for the client demographic.


  • Enhance the user journey and navigation to key support channels


  • Enhance provision of information and communication channels for referring agencies and donors.


Heuristic analysis icon
Heuristic analysis

NN 10 usability heuristics 

Recommendations for design

competitor analysis icon
Competitor analysis

6 competitors

Online education 

crisis support 

6 competitors

Online education 

crisis support 

Heuristic analysis

As there was already an exisiting website we chose to complete a heuristic analysis. Through this process we were able to identify key areas of improvement which allowed us to allocate our efforts effectively but also enhance the website based on Jakob Neilson 10 usability principles.

Heuristic evalution on usability on local business website
Heuristic Evaluaton for usability on local business's website

Competitor analysis 


Used effectively in competitors websites


Offered links to support services 


Included a donate page


of competitors offered educational resources 

how did the results influence design ?

The heuristic gave us a targeted approach for our design choices, through this process we were able reflect on the major pitfalls of the existing website and specifically target areas that aligned with the clients objectives.

Competitor analysis gave me a better understanding of industry standards, specifically similar NGO's featured a resource page and clear links to outside services. This gave us a direction for our own designs,


Persona created for local buisness, newcastle nsw

Due to the challenges of Covid-19 & the sensitive situations of the clients, user interviews were not possible.

We pivoted our research to create this persona based on surveys, client testimonials & case worker interviews.

This guided us throughout the design process as it ensured that we focused our efforts around the access of key support information for the client.


Through dot voting we were able to select the most valuable aspects of the website to focus our efforts.

Majority of viable designs came from the heuristics and competitor analysis. As we were limited with data from interviews and surveys.

This process allowed us to target our efforts effectively and align them with the clients needs.

Minimum viable product artefact

Site map 

Site map created NGO website


Wireframes for local business newcastle

INterface design

The look & feel was inspired by earthy tones, minimalist illustrations & clean typography. We built on this idea within our design system, these choices were made with the Persona's & research in mind as we sought to create an experience that did not overwhelm the user & created a sense of calm and trust.

Headings - DM Sans

Body - DM Sans 





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Top navigation bar for website
Footer for website
Customer card
Mobile and desktop designs

Design Features

The objectives of the design was to provide users with stories of other  TGR clients and how they  have overcome challenges. 

This  was displayed in the UI through "client cards" it showed  information on key topics and was designed to make users feel welcomed and understood.

Landing page created for TGR

Design Features

A key aspect  of the TGR is providing information on related services related to domestic violence, abuse and homelessness.

The  " support links" page gave the user quick access to a range of related services. This was created with speed and accuracy in mind as the user needs to locate services quickly and easily in crisis situations

landing page created for TGR
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