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Desktop & mobile design 

DAWG is a small Melbourne based company that makes organic and sustainable dog treats. The clients vision was to sell online products and engage users with the "DAWG community"

Mobile app mock up

Project overview

The main objective was to design a website for the client to sell items and create an online community of like minded dog owners.


The project was completed over a six week sprint.  


- Figma 

- Miro 

- zoom


Foundational research 


customer journey maps 

User testing 

Lo-fi wireframes 

Hi-fi prototype 

project timeline

my role

My main role within the team was research. when presenting the wire frames and hi-fi prototype i was able to communicate and justify my teams decisions clearly by reflecting on the research i had conducted


Market trend icon

Market trends
Market share

market research icon

10 Business's
Interface capabilities
online features 

user interview icon

5 interviews 
25-30 y.o's
Dog owners

user survey icon

103 Surveyed 
Dog communities
Google forms


I wanted to understand the macro influences of the market & what drove user preferences and influenced user behaviours. I looked at a number of industry reports and created a summary of key points that could inform my teams design decisions to ensure that the users experiences was aligned with proven market trends & user behaviours

market research artefact

' The rise of dual income (no children) house holds & disposable income has steadily increased the demand for premium pet products'


Competitor Analysis 

- 10 business 

- usp 

- online features 

- interface/branding 

competitor analysis artefact


Heavily influenced the user 
journey on competitors landing page, leading users to the 
product pages.


Competitors catered to the 
ethically and environmentally 
conscious customer, either 
through visual certifications or 


Competitors offered 
subscription models, that were featured in the top nav.


Competitors used "organic" , "ethical" or "natural" as key selling points to align their product with the health conscious dog parent that occupied the market.

Subscriptions were a common theme amongst competitors, those who had them featured an onboarding customisation user flow.


Images, colours, copy and typography had a playful welcoming feel across all competitors

Competitor analysis artefact


At this stage I had a good understanding about our users motivations and behaviours. They were driven by product quality, but needed a trustworthy source to influence their decisions. Convenience was a key factor in their choices, but they wanted to have control over what they were buying.

After synthesising our foundational research into empathy maps, we asked the next question.


Trustworthy  source




Empathy Map artefact

problem statement

'The current dog treat industry is over saturated with products that leave dog owners questioning if they are nutritional, locally made and sustainably sourced. Dawg is a newly established business and does not currently have an official digital platform to sell locally produced, nutritional dog treats to dog owners

Frame 8.jpg

How did we address  the problems our customers faced?

1.User control - The subscription box flow featured an onboarding process that tailored the contents based on a questionnaire. The user was also able to directly change the products at the checkout.

website screen artefact

2.Product quality assurance - We tailored  our designs in the awareness stage as we considered a number of UI & IA options to ensure customers we presented with key information on the nutritional value of the products.


mobile app artefact

3.Convenience - The user is able to modify there order at anytime during the onboarding process when purchasing a subscription box.

website screen artefact

User testing 

After we agreed on the features of the website and mobile, the team split into two groups.

from that stage I facilitated user testing for our teams hi-fi designs

I develop three scenarios based on the key parts of the website

  • Single product purchase

  • Subscriptions box order

  • DAWG community engagement

This was followed by a general usability questionnaire to gather more quantitate data on the designs.

website product page

User's expressed confusion when completing the subscription box flow and selecting different treats.

Users said things like " what amount do I get of each treat ?" and " how can i select anything from the catalogue ?"

I discussed my findings with the team & we included more descriptive copy, a drop down menu and ticker boxes for each item in the catalogue.

website community page

User insights helped us improve the copy on the landing page and include a CTA button that encouraged users to join the DAWG community. A clearer CTA and brighter text was included  on the local events map as users skipped over this during testing

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